Chapter II - Practical Occultism

WHAT DO YOU WANT?  “I will apply all my powers to achieve the following …”


Most people have all that they need.  If you doubt this ask yourself if you have eaten in the last couple of days… or if you have a place to sleep…or if you have any clothes to wear?  The answer is probably yes I do have all that I NEED.  We are going to discuss how to acquire those skills to manifest that which you WANT and not necessarily just what you need.  And on a higher octave is the concept of QUALITY as it manifests in our lives, not just in accumulating material things, but improving our ability to love, to know who we are and other psychological talents; as well as the demonstration of an elusive and subtle change in our attitude toward life and ourselves.

Fortunately there are definite COSMIC LAWS at work in the universe, and we have access to this information.  What follows is a description of our inner cosmic projector; a simplified metaphorical explanation of the creative process as it applies to man in his daily affairs.



Before a deeper explanation of the Cosmic Mental Projector can be given, let us look at some of the hidden powers latent in our being.  The subconscious mind controls all biological functions, from conception to the daily beating of our hearts.  After centuries of investigation medical science still cannot completely explain how the liver makes sugar or manufactures bile or how fingernails grow.  Fortunately subconsciousness knows all about these processes.  Every moment of every day our body is controlled and directed in ways as yet unduplicated by any chemist or laboratory.  Perhaps the most startling realization is the fact that medicines do not cure.  Subconsciousness cures every disease.  It is true that modern medicine and surgery can assist the body by removing obstacles or by making mechanical adjustments.  But the real healing takes place on the cellular level and is controlled by forces not in our conscious minds.

Ageless Wisdom teaches us that the subconscious mind can be directed by the conscious mind.  This fact is of major importance because we can now learn to arouse the subconscious by proper use of the mind or mental energy.  This idea alone would warrant a course of instruction, but there are more wonderful powers waiting to be set to work for you, to help you achieve all your wants or goals.

Experiments have shown that the subconscious mind keeps a record of all our experiences.  Our senses leave an impression on the subconscious and can be recalled in complete detail any time.

What is the secret of a good memory?  It lies in the making and recording of clear impressions.  Being “here now”, fully conscious of our surroundings and ourselves.

The senses play an important role in our lives - from the angle of the soul or inner man.  They link or provide access to the three lower worlds of the physical, emotional and mental.  Who is the receiver of the impressions?

The real secret of good memory lies not in the fact of recalling past impressions, but in the making of clear ones and bringing them to the surface of consciousness when needed.  This also includes those impressions recorded without our conscious knowledge, such as our feelings or dreams or even superconscious states touched in meditation.

Not only is this mind ever vigilant and totally AMENABLE, but it also arranges and works on this mass of information, almost to the point of, but not quite, being able to reason.  Like a “two edged sword” is this capacity of deductive logic.  There are certain limitations to deduction, to drawing conclusions from premises; that is, this deductive process will elaborate false premises just as logically as it will develop conclusions from true ones; a very important fact to remember, as we shall see later.

Subconsciousness is a channel for our instincts as well as our intuition.  Instincts are part of our inheritance from the past.  Intuition on the other hand comes through the subconscious but from the SUPER-CONSCIOUS MIND or as the esotericist would call this level of being “the realm of the SOUL”.

We are told that “our” subconscious is somehow INTER-CONNECTED to all other subconscious states.  Remember we are using this term to apply to all activity, which is below or beyond our normal consciousness, including the planetary subconscious.  Our etheric body is connected through this level to the planetary etheric.

“The etheric body is composed of force currents, and in it are vital centers linked by lines of force with each other and with the nervous system of the physical man.  Through these lines of force, it is connected also with the etheric body of the environing system...It is through the etheric body that all energies flow, whether emanating from the soul, or from the sun, or from a planet.”

The etheric body is vitalized and controlled by thought, and can (through thought) be brought into full functioning activity.  In order to activate this power all that is required is the selection of a definite aim or GOAL.  All we need to know is something in us below our “normal” state of consciousness makes connections with whatever we need in order to BE what we want to be, DO what we want to do, and HAVE what we want to have.  Sounds so simple don’t you wonder why everyone doesn’t know this already?  The fact is we are right NOW using this power and have been all our lives!  The requirement then, is first to become aware of the processes active within us and second to learn to direct and channel these energies more effectively.

“I will apply all my powers...” certainly has more meaning in light of the myriad forces at work within our subconscious and super conscious states.  When you make up your mind about something, you immediately set in motion certain cosmic laws ready to manifest any desire.  If we are already doing this why then do we not have all that we want right now?  It becomes apparent that more knowledge is needed.  Perhaps now we can more readily understand those who suggest that we “create our own realities”.


Lesson 1 - Set A Goal

The first lesson is simply - yet powerfully stated: people with no place to go seldom get anywhere.

It states quite emphatically to pick a goal to strive for, then as soon as this is achieved, select a second, and so on until you become exactly the type of person you want to be, living and doing exactly what you want.

Start Now!  Do not delay.  The future is built on what we think and do today.

Each of us lives in a world of his own creation built according to imagined mental patterns.  Hopes are hazy, wishes are vague, genuine wants are clearly defined.  A clear mental image tends to materialize as an actual condition or event.

Keep silent concerning chosen mental images.  Never tell anyone what you are going to do.  “By their works shall ye know them.”  The first LAW is so deceptively simple yet it is the most important, because its force galvanizes all the remaining LAWS into action.  Set a Goal.  Decide where you want to go.  Make your decision right now, and then WRITE IT DOWN.

“I want to achieve the following...”

What activities are used in formulating a decision?  What inner qualities are brought into play when something is written down.  How does Will play a part in directing the life force?  Make a list of the ideas raised during this exercise, (and all the exercises throughout these lessons).

Your statement can be long or short but it must be clear in its intent.  Now analyse this GOAL and put your thoughts into logical and sequential steps.  What is the first step you need to take?  Provided your DESIRES are in accordance with the Laws of LIFE and JUSTISE you can be or do anything you want.  You must really WANT to achieve this GOAL.


There must also be ACTIVITY,  “by their works shall ye know them.”  It is not enough to merely aspire and assert, “Oh, it will all work out” Yes, we must believe in the possibility of our doing or becoming our DESIRE, but then we must - ACT ON IT.  The requirement is an attitude of certainty, of acting “as if omnipotence were at our disposal”.  In this phrase the French writer, Eliphas Levi in 1859 gave us a great SECRET.  He compared this omnipotence to a force he called the ALL POWER.  (Let us borrow an esoteric term and call this energy FOHAT). 

Consider his thoughts in describing it:

“There exists a force in nature which is far more powerful than steam.  It is diffused throughout infinity, it is the substance of heaven and earth...when it produces radiance it is called LIGHT.  It is substance and motion at the same time.  The Will of MAN acts directly upon this light, and by means thereof, upon all nature, which is made subject to the modifications of intelligence”.

In other words we can move mountains!  He called this force the GREAT MAGICAL AGENT.  This power naturally collects in all living things; so our beings are in fact saturated with it and our LIFE is sustained by this 1ight.  What is meant by “sustained by it”


If you have many things to do — how do you accomplish them all?  — ONE AT A TIME — One goal at a time.  How many things can you do or think about at one time?  Experiment; try focussing intently on more than one thought.  What happens?  So it is with our goal setting, break the goal down into several steps and do each one, one at a time.


Lesson 2 - Subconsciousness

An invaluable lesson!  Subconsciousness – the amazing part of the mind that we take for granted!  This lesson gives some information concerning the “hidden” powers of the subconscious.  The various phases of health and growth of the body are all controlled by the subconscious.  Everything that we say, do, think, feel, smell, taste, hear – in fact everything that has ever happened to us while conscious or asleep is recorded forever in the subconscious storehouse.  The development of a perfect memory is not a matter of recollection of facts but rather the making of clear impressions and categorizing them correctly.

The subconscious is also the channel thru which the superconscious makes contact with the conscious.  This is our “intuition.”  This is why we must work to rid ourselves of psychological baggage – so we can become clear channels for the light within us to shine through.

Another little known, but highly important aspect of subconsciousness is its ability to put us in contact with the people and or things which we need to accomplish our one aim.  That is whenever we desire something our subconscious sends out fine radiations imperceptible to ordinary senses and brings us in contact with that which we need or those persons that can help us achieve our one aim.

The ability to carry out deductive reasoning, given a premise to start with, is another useful power of the subconscious.  Care must be exercised in suggesting the correct premise initially as the subconscious will carry out logical reasoning but draw an incorrect conclusion if the initial premise was incorrect.

This is the “Great Magical Agent” of Eliphas Levi…  “Control this and you control the universe.”


Lesson 3 - Control by Suggestion

Subconsciousness is always amenable to control by suggestion.

This lesson is a vital one if all the wonderful powers described in the proceeding lesson are to derive maximum results.  In order to master the subconscious mind we must learn to “hint” at the desired results and let the subconscious deduce through logic exactly what is required.  Some hints: do not to repeat the result too often as this only indicates our fears instead of our faith.  If we want a healthy body, we must also keep it hygienically, clean and given the subconscious the necessary working material in the forms of proper food, good water, clean air and light and rest.

Another hint is never to be anxious about results – because anxiety, and other emotions, are also suggestions – always have complete faith that your hints will be carried out.

You will not see success in business or other worlds if your house and workshop are disorderly.  Keep your person and clothes and also your home and place of work as neat and orderly as possible and you will be making powerful suggestions to the subconscious.


Lesson 4 - The LIFE Power

It is not sufficient to merely formulate a mental picture of your one aim; but the mental must be made manifest in the physical plane to be of aid to others and yourself.  Occult wisdom states that the evolutionary advancement of the individual ego or self must be accomplished right here on the physical plane.

The difference between an organic compound and an inorganic one is merely a difference in the arrangement of the atoms composing each.  The power, which holds a carbon atom together, is the same as that power which holds a lead atom up.  This power is sometimes referred to as “radiant energy”, “light” or “electro-magnetism.”  This “light power” is the real substance behind all things in the universe.  BUT this light power must also be the LIFE-power, since mental and physical activities of living beings are included among it forms of manifestation.  This life-power is at once the substance and the working force behind every cell of your body.  Eliphas Levi says, “It is distributed through out infinity; it is the substance of heaven and earth.”  Hermes Trismegistus spoke of it, “All things are from one, by the mediation of one, and all things have their birth from this one thing by adaptation.”

The purpose of this course is to bring the mental & physical vehicles to a state of advancement whereby the powers expressed by the teachers of this course can be made manifest in us.  These changes are partly structural or physical (chemical) and partly psychological.  The object of some of these practices is to bring about changes in the composition of the blood, the lymph, and the glandular secretions.  Other phases of the work are designed to alter the constitution of groups of cells in the brain and in the nervous system.  Is the physical vehicle ready to perform the Great Work?  If not – prepare it!


Lesson 5 – Complete the Image

Do not lie to your subconscious.  You learn the truth about yourself, tell yourself that truth, and act upon it.  Expect results; see what you want in your mind as if they were present realities. Visualize your goal or want clearly as a living mental image. Be sure to fill in all details of your aim in your mental picture.  What colours are involved?  What sounds will be heard or produced?  What are the movements, etc.?  Of what materials will it be composed?  What other sensations will be created or experienced when your mental picture is a reality on the physical plane?  Practice this mental sculpturing and filling in of details.  The more vivid and concrete and colourful your image, the sooner your aim will be realized.  Jot these down on paper to aid your mental picture. Use pictures and sounds to support and strengthen your visualization process. Matt. 13: 12-13  “For whosoever hath, to him shall be given, and he shall have more abundance: but whosoever hath not, from him shall be taken away even that he hath.”  “Therefore, speak I to them in parables: because they seeing see not; and hearing they hear not, neither do they understand.”


Lesson 6 – Build Mental Image

This lesson describes the method of creating a clear mental image and also describes the process, which will transfer the image to the subconscious.

Subconscious is always amenable to suggestion; and mental images are perfect suggestions.  Maintain strict silence about your aim.  To maintain silence develops power, both physical and psychological.

To produce clear images follow this procedure: In the early morning before attending to any daily chore, sit erect in a straight-backed chair, do not cross your legs, rest your hands in your lap.  Do not relax, neither be tense.  Every muscle is free from strain yet fully alive.  Now, repeat your statement once, firmly and vigorously - aloud (unless you will be overheard.)  Then close your eyes and mentally build an image of your aim.  Remember to use the ideas presented in Lesson 5 (what colours, sounds, feelings, mental state, etc.)  Begin with larger images first, and then fill in detail.  Stop at the end of 5 minutes!  Do not think of the future – this image is a present reality in the mental plane – expect to see it in the physical.  “The condition today is always the result of the images of your yesterdays.”  You have built your present circumstances by subconscious response to mental imagery.  Your future will be the materialization of what you imagine today.  Bring the image to mind during the day when you have a few minutes to spare.

An additional practice is to be performed after going to bed and the lights put out, and you are comfortable.  This practice is utter physical relaxation – firstly start with the toes – tense them, then relax; next the leg between ankle and knee, tense and relax – continue with all parts of the body, tense – relax.  Now bring your image to your mind’s eye, and then imagine you are printing it at the back of your head.  This is similar to actual sight processes.  (Sight is located at back of head).


Lesson 7 – Putting it all together

First let us review the powers of the subconscious.

1.      Subconsciousness cures every disease

2.      Subconsciousness retains all experiences both personal and racial.

3.      The Superconscious mind, Intuition works through it.

4.      Subconsciousness makes connections for us so that we may be, do, and have what we want.

5.      Subconsciousness is controllable from the conscious level, provided the correct means are used.

6.      The subconscious responds more readily to visual images than to any other form of suggestion.


To this end was the Tarot designed.  The wise predecessors discovered that all modes of human consciousness fall naturally into 22 categories.  They then after long experimenting and rechecking created 22 pictures, which would represent each of these consciousness aspects of personality.  A secret version has been in use in various Inner Schools since about 100 A.D.  At that time a center of learning was at FEZ – in Morocco.

Of the Tarot Eliphas Levi says: “The Tarot is a veritable oracle, and replies to all possible questions with precision and infallibility.  A prisoner with no other book than the Tarot, if he knew how to use it, could in a few years acquire a universal science, and would be able to speak on all subjects with unequalled learning and inexhaustible eloquence.  By the aid of these signs and their infinite combinations, it is possible to arrive at the natural and mathematical revelation of all secrets of nature.”



VISUALIZATION: the Cosmic Projector Theorem

The original design TAROT keys are an example of the expression of this law of visualization.  They can be used for the forming of a particularly potent mental pattern or matrix for incoming energies.  A vision must also be anchored and put into form - before the pencil was made the idea or image existed in the mind.

What subconscious forces are at work when you are studying a topic?  Not only does this concentration condition the material of our mental bodies to be responsive to and thus better able to form a matrix for incoming energies to play upon, but it also puts us in contact with whatever is needed to assist our learning.  Remember the subtle energies or elemental lives of which our mental body is composed must be “condensed” or formed into the things which we call thoughts or thought-patterns if you will; just as the film of a movie projector contains the patterns that will ultimately be projected onto the screen. 

Consider the esoteric adage “ENERGY FOLLOWS THOUGHT”.  We are continually PROJECTING this light to make room for more.  It is this process that we will now describe.  For the purposes of this discussion let us build the example of a cosmic movie projector which operates within our beings and which has the unique quality of functioning continuously, with or without our guidance.

The movie projector consists of three major components.  Firstly it has a powerful LIGHTBULB that provides the energy or motivating principle.  This is the level of the soul, as far as we are concerned at this time.  Ask yourselves from whence does the energy of which the soul is comprised originate?  Let us equate this to Levi’s Great Magical Agent – FOHAT - “Made subject to the modifications of intelligence...the will of man acts DIRECTLY upon this light”.  Next in our metaphor is the FILM or the image-making faculty of our beings.  This film plays an important role since everything we see on the third component, the SCREEN, has its origin here.

The screen is the last part of our COSMIC PROJECTOR and for the purposes of this example plays the receptive and reflective mirror of our image production.  The screen in our daily lives is actually a multi­dimensional living reflection of all with which we are predominantly occupied in our INNER selves.  This screen is a refection of what we are thinking or have thought in the past.

Since the Light or source is above and beyond our awareness or consciousness, we will call this the SUPERCONSCIOUS MIND; there are many levels of existence above the “normal” state with which we are familiar.  And since the screen is essentially below our awareness the appropriate term could be SUBCONSCIOUS (again for the purposes of this metaphor we shall compile many forces and levels together in this term).  The image-making faculty is located within the scope and control of the CONSCIOUS MIND (generally we are referring to the lower mental, but some higher mental and also emotional energy is described by this term in this mind stretching metaphor).  To understand and direct this part of our being shall be the focus of this instruction.

There is one more component to consider in our COSMIC PROJECTOR, and that is the LENS.  The lens does the work of focusing the Light onto the screen.  This roughly equates to our Will Power, which is just another way of representing the ability to “focus our attention”.  This is the cosmic quality that is active when we are directing the GREAT MAGICAL AGENT into the many forms of our needs and wants.

Those who baulk at this idea are usually looking at some aspect of their lives that they are certain they did not consciously create.  They created it nonetheless, and we will show how.


Ask yourself  “Where do thoughts come from?” 

Look carefully at the world within you, paying close attention to the predominant thoughts and feelings, as well as the attitudes you hold toward the people in your life and also the circumstances in which you find yourself. Do not take this suggestion lightly, it is a powerful and necessary activity for all who would change or expand their awareness of themselves and the endless universe.


Cosmic Projector Diagram: 



“One picture is worth ten thousand words.” ...Chinese proverb.

Energy follows Thought – What did you think about today?




If a friend were to enter your home carrying a garden hose no great harm would result.  But now imagine water flowing from the end of the hose and no way to shut it off!  As your friend walked through the house can you imagine following behind with buckets trying in vain to catch the water slopping everywhere?  Comical scenes to be sure, but what are we saying esoterically?  It would be a formidable task to minimize the damage to furniture, stereo, and so on.  This an exotic and simplified description of what each of us is doing constantly with the energy that flows through our being.  By not being fully conscious and responsible for our thoughts (mental energy) and feelings (emotional energy) we are like the friend pouring water everywhere, wasting energy and at the same time causing damage, which someone else has to clean up or least contend with.

We are at every moment being “sustained” by energies of which we are mostly unaware and distributing or QUALIFYING (that is: placing a pattern on the energies of life passing through us) and then returning them to the universe.  Can you make a comparison to the recycling of garbage that man throughout the world is forced to deal with?  And how about the conservationists who want to raise our awareness of the wasteful attitude, we as a nation, have toward our natural resources?

Herein lies a clue to the secret of the successful people of the world.  The directing of this Great Magical Agent or FOHAT into useful channels can be accomplished by anyone who makes the necessary effort and applies certain known laws.



Subconsciousness is aware of and responds to EVERY thought and EVERY feeling and EVERY action with which we are involved.  No excessive force is required in order to galvanize this ever-willing servant into action.  It is easily led, easily directed, and the ease with which you may manage its operations is amazing.  Because it is so easy to govern, it often seems as if it is stubborn.  The reason for this paradox is that it immediately responds to any and ALL suggestions we have given, and will continue acting on any directive until another - stronger one - is given to replace the first.  We accomplish this by our God-given image-making faculty and by our actions.  To change our lives means to simply learn to create positive and clear mental images of what we want to manifest.  In short we must endeavour to become fully conscious of our selves and learn how to take charge of our own mental, emotional, and physical energies.  Sounds so SIMPLE...yes!

How do we accomplish this formidable task?  Aldus Huxley you may recall used the phrases  “here and now” and  “attention” in his book “Island”.  Remember the trained talking birds that constantly reminded all the inhabitants on this special Island to pay attention, to keep ever mindful of themselves and their surroundings?  This is excellent advice for the esotericist and a powerful tool to use in learning to control and direct our lives.  Learn to pay complete attention to all your actions.  Then apply this technique of observation to the emotional body, and the mental body as well.

You will gradually become aware that you are not your emotions, that you no longer need be controlled by what your emotional body is experiencing.  When fear no longer dictates or hinders the full expression of our beings the result is life’s richest rewards.  Accept and acknowledge the feeling but let it not necessarily move you from your goal.

The mental body of man is also a vehicle for the HIGHER SELF.  Through practise it is possible to be able to observe thoughts as easily as we now can watch our actions. 

There is much wisdom in the above sentences.  Re-read them often, and consider the thoughts contained until you understand and can apply these ideas.

Subconsciousness cannot direct itself.  Its marvellous powers must always be limited or directed if they are to do us any real good.  The results of uncontrolled subconscious activity are insanity.  But neither do we mean excessive control or force.  An old occult text describes the work of the hidden mind under the guise of alchemy by saying it must be done “suavely and with great ingenuity”.  This takes us back to our statement earlier that says  “amenable to SUGGESTION”.  Subconsciousness does not respond to direct commands.  A suggestion is anything that HINTS at the desired result.  The responsibility for right direction rests on YOU.  But you knew that from the start — didn’t you! 

The fact is that you have been directing these powers all your life; the problem is your willing servant has been given inconsistent and conflicting hints.  For an accurate appraisal of the results of these various combinations of hints you merely need to look at your life.  Consider for a moment some plans or wants that you have tried to manifest, but are at a loss to explain their failure.

For example, you probably would like to enjoy perfect health and may have tried many methods for attaining it.  If you succeeded, it is because you learned how to give effective suggestions.  If you have failed it is because your affirmations and commands were counteracted by the suggestive power of your HABITUAL ways of thinking, imagining, speaking and acting.  How do we tell our subconscious we want perfect health?  By thinking, imagining, and most important, BY ACTING in accordance with our desires or goalst.  Our God given talents of investigation and thought will lead us through fanaticism to a clear understanding of what the bodily (in this case the physical) needs are.  Perhaps stuffing our bodies with alcohol, tobacco, potato chips and Big Macs is not the most appropriate choice we could make!!

What kind of suggestion are we giving our subconscious when we say one thing but do something else?  How can we strengthen our rapport with our own inner cosmic servants? 



 We must be consistent in our actions and we must act in accordance with our thoughts and predominant mental images.  If we say one thing but do another, this is giving mixed signals to the ever-alert subconscious and result is a stalemate.  This explains why so many of our desires go unfulfilled.

“Until one is wise enough to select and digest the proper sorts of food, he is not ready to experiment with the higher laws of control which enable adepts to perform their mighty works.  Regulation of diet is at the bottom of practical magic.  Corresponding to it, on the principle expressed in the Hermetic axiom,  “AS ABOVE, SO BELOW,” is right selection and assimilation of mental food.” ...Paul Foster Case, “The TAROT”

The point is being made here not to focus unduly on the physical body, but to make an example to which we could easily relate.  If we cannot control our physical food how can we expect to control our mental food?  Our primary interest in esoteric psychology is fostering of a greater awareness and greater degree of control of the emotional and mental equipment. 

“The true aspirant should be occupied with emotional, not physical control and with the effort to focus himself on the mental plane, prior to achieving stabilized contact with the soul.”  A.A.Bailey “Esoteric Healing”

Think about the physical needs such as food, water, exercise, sunshine, rest, cleanliness and so on; compare these physical needs to the needs of the emotional [astral] body; and then do this exercise for the mental body.  Be quite specific; try to draw correspondences in each of the three levels of our personality life - physical, emotional, and mental.

So how does one change their way of thinking?  FIRST is to become aware of the many hidden processes at work within our being.  By realizing the responsibility we have for our every thought.  It is here the picture of the man with a garden hose can remind us of what we are doing constantly.  Yes we are all walking around with a cosmic garden hose, by pouring both our qualified, and undirected, excess energy into the universe.  But wait, this energy did not originate with us in the first place.  So all we are actually doing then is QUALIFING (or using temporarily) a portion of this cosmic reservoir of energy.

This is aptly described by Hermes Trismegistus; - “All the power that ever was, or will be, is here now.”  The modern scientist can certainly recognize this esoteric statement made many thousands of years ago as the Law of the Conservation of Energy.  We neither create this energy, nor are we the final repository – in fact it cannot be horded or saved.  All energy is merely borrowed and used by us temporarily, that is, qualified by our choice of action, feeling or thought.  And then released back into the universal pool of energies.

By not qualifying our energy effectively, by not focussing our activities, we scatter the seeds that we would plant in our subconscious.  To use an old, but familiar phrase, “our seeds fall on barren ground”, and like so many of our plans, wither and die.

To become aware that energy flows through us and is directed by our predominant thoughts and feelings and actions is perhaps an awesome idea.  But let us remember we have been doing this all our lives, and for the most part we have SURVIVED!  What is being presented here is an explanation of Natural Laws in the hope that by a conscious understanding and application of these laws the realization will come that TRUTH invariably destroys error.  This is how we can overcome every kind of fear, lack, limitation, and discord.  The result for the persistent individual is a greater Quality to his LIFE expression. 

James Allen once wrote, “Man is Mind, and evermore he takes the tool of thought, and shaping what he wills, brings forth a thousand joys, a thousand ills.  He thinks in secret and it comes to pass; Environment is but his looking glass.” 

One wonders at the source of such thoughts, and with humility gives thanks for the poets and visionaries throughout the ages.

Thought is a spiritual activity and is therefore creative; but, make no mistake, thought will create nothing useful unless it is consciously, systematically and constructively directed.  Herein lies the difference between idle thinking, which is merely a dissipation of energy (an undirected garden hose), and positive constructive thinking, which results in almost limitless achievement and usefulness.  Your environment is right now reflecting back exactly what you have created as a natural extension of your predominant thought forms.  The principle by which thought manifests itself in form is called the LAW OF ATTRACTION.  So to create desirable conditions it is as simple as maintaining desirable thought patterns and imagery.  Now you have the secret of the Power of Positive Thinking.  You have the POWER WITHIN to accomplish virtually anything you want or to create any new condition.

START NOW by taking control of your life on ALL levels, and watch the results.  Even a tiny GARDEN HOSE can wash away a mountain or carve out a mighty canyon if DIRECTED with intent and persistence.




SOURCE  - Inspiration        
IDEA  - Higher mental      
  VISION  - Creative Imagination  
    WILL  - Lower mental  
      DESIRE  - Emotional body
        ACTION  - Physical body




In other words we THINK IN PICTURES.  And perhaps even more important: the reverse is also true - that pictures create images or evoke thoughts from within us.  Remember the mental matter upon which we are imposing a THOUGHT-PATTERN, and which in turn qualifies the energy of FOHAT.  The subconscious mind is ever vigilant and totally aware of all that is being experienced on all levels.  So whatever we are being exposed to, whether it be an outer and tangible physical event or if it is an inner condition such as fear or joy, our subconscious has recorded and acted upon the stimulus.

Does this paragraph strike an awesome chord?  Whatever we are being exposed to...yes, like television, radio, music and all forms of advertising!  The advertising agencies are well aware of the tendency of the subconscious mind to store repeated messages, especially visual images.  Apply this critique to your own house or surroundings, the type of books we choose to read, the types of pictures on the wall, how we spend our time, in short absolutely everything in our lives is part of our continually recreated psychological habit patterns.  Therein lies the solution!  Since we create our world “moment by moment” (or recreate) we CAN, therefore, by changing our method of thinking and acting: CREATE ANY NEW CONDITION WE DESIRE!  This can be on any level of our world, be it physical, emotional, mental or spiritual.  Acting “as if” we are what we want to be, is a vital ingredient used to create a setting wherein change can take place.  For example if you choose to change your career; ask does a person doing this job act...what magazines does he read...what type of thinking or acting does this person demonstrate, etc., etc.?  What could you be doing right now to assist in the creation of a positive attitude of success for yourself?  Are you just wishing you were what you want to be or are you prepared to make a commitment and DO SOMETHING about the desire or want?

Let’s look at what is blocking or preventing some of our mental images from materializing.



This is the story of a skilled captain and an able crew on an ocean crossing.  The ship and crew have been navigating successfully at sea when suddenly they are without wind for their sails.  The ship has become motionless and is at the mercy of the waves and sun.  Even though the ship can no longer move in the desired direction, the crew and captain still have the same skills.  Are they not the same individuals, with the same ocean going talents as before?  They are merely in a temporary lull.  Our wise and confident captain knows the wind will begin to blow again, so he sets about to utilize his crew’s time effectively, perhaps making repairs or teaching new skills to his crew.  Thus, all the while keeping his men’s morale high and navigational talent in top form so when the wind returns the crew can react quickly to take advantage of the renewed wind in their sails. 

So we can be learning new skills and making plans in our lives for a time when conditions are better suited to assist our goals.

This simple story serves to emphasize the need to recognize cycles in our lives.  For possibly no Cosmic Law so clearly demonstrates in all the Kingdoms of Nature as the Law of Cycles.  The wise man is he who can learn from his experiences when to trim his sail and when to take advantage of added (or cyclically available) energies.  A good example is the meditation work of the full moon periods. 

Cycles ebb and flow in our everyday lives.  Have you had times when things did not go well, no matter how much effort was expended?  And again were there times when events seemed to flow to a natural rhythm with little input seemingly required?  This point is being emphasized so that we may, in learning to observe our lives with greater clarity, stand free of the shackles of our illusions.  Yes we create our lives according to our predominant thought forms, but much of our present experience is a result of our past, so rebelling will only stir up increased trouble.  Again there is a time to sow and a time to reap.  When are we being goaded to act simply in response to past conditioning or emotional whims?  And when are we being prompted to act as a result of impressions coming to us from our higher self?  And when is it time to recognize there is no wind in our karmic sails; this is important because it is then we turn to other goals temporarily.  Use of the faculty of discrimination will assist us to choose which call we answer.  The choice is always ours.  Through practice we learn to distinguish between the various energies that play on us at any given time.  Through living we experience the results of those choices, and we learn.

We are told that through the use of the faculty of discrimination, man develops the capacity to choose between the real and the unreal; to distinguish between the impulses originating at the desire level and to be able increasingly to recognize and act on the those currents of life beyond the desire nature.  As the soul burns away the “fogs and miasmas”, the result is a clear thinking man that is slowly beginning to recognize that it is his desires and thoughts that tie him to the wheel of pain and suffering (called also the wheel of rebirth).  Discrimination develops the power to choose the straight and narrow path that leads to success and develops the awareness of who we are and what to do with that knowledge.



Until you are willing to step up to bat, so to speak, and risk failure, embarrassment, etc. you will never know the joys of success.  Life is full of spectators experiencing things second hand - real living is when you are up to bat.  Then you are in tune with yourself and sharing yourself with others.  Fear is not the obstacle - it is letting fear control your life that is the problem - everybody is afraid of something – so … do it anyway!

Fear could be imagined as a dark spot on our image making film; and therefore is allowing little light through and consequently less energy is available to manifest our wants on the screen.  As we clear our channels by working on our personalities we actually clean our projector system - we permit more pure soul light and inspiration to pass through our images and to energize our thought-forms.

Knowledge is power - but enthusiasm throws the switch.  There is nothing you need acquire, you have all the tools you need; it is merely learning to direct and use what we have.  You have soul energy, you have self-consciousness and your subconsciousness is already responding.

As we attract more light, in the beginning it may seem as if the problems seem to increase; this is because the lens is still dirty - we are merely manifesting more of what we are – so the challenge is to grow beyond our current limitations and clear ourselves of past thinking and old worn-out habit patterns.  To focus and control this energy to a greater degree is accomplished by means of discrimination (making better choices). 

Imagine a world where all your thoughts were materialized immediately …  as quickly as you thought of them!  Look at all your thoughts for one hour or one day and imagine if they were all manifested.


Why do we need goals?

1.                   Look back a few years - have you accomplished all that you wanted?

2.                   It keeps us on track

3.                   It invokes certain cosmic laws to help achieve our goals

4.                   Invokes the image-making faculty



“There is no thought in my mind but it quickly tends to convert itself into a power and organizes a huge instrumentality of means”...  Ralph Waldo Emerson

This general overview is brief and necessarily lacks details.  But one thought emerges throughout these lessons, which, even as our understanding of the laws of life increase, will not alter.  Let us start with the fact that most of the universe, including the underlying forces that sustain and motivate us, is hidden from our limited perception.  What then is our part in the cosmic dance?  While it may be our destiny to evolve and develop our mechanism so that we “become consciously and livingly aware of the nature of ...energies, and begin to know them and to use them”; it is clear we are not YET fully conscious on all levels of our constitution.  It seems we are only aware of a small portion of the overall cosmic scheme.




Imagine that our conscious mind is like a narrow band, the thickness of a line on a piece of paper, above this line lie all higher levels of consciousness of which we are only dimly beginning to perceive; below, are all those states which respond to every mental, emotional, and physical energy disturbances originating in the self conscious mind.  Look carefully at the line and it becomes apparent we may have been granted “dominion over all things”; but not much to work with.  But we have all we need — because man does not originate the energies nor is he the final repository of any energy.  We need not concern ourselves with those other states of being that are beyond or below the self-conscious mind. 


Quite simply the requirement is to be fully conscious “here and now”.  Let us end our paper by asking the question “How am I qualifying my life energy today?”


The responsibility of qualifying the energies being “loaned” or passed through our personality system at all times is ours and ours alone.  Remember the Garden Hose metaphor?  “How did you qualify your energy today?” could well summarize our point.


We carry fear with us like a monkey on our back.  SO WHAT if we are afraid!  Everybody is afraid of something.  Since fear originates in the emotional-mental thought patterns of our psychological makeup then it makes sense to rearrange those habitual patterns to something more constructive and useful.  This takes us back to our lesson on visualization and the forming of clear positive mental images.


The secret of the Magician is to be in tune with the Soul’s purpose; then use all the equipment at the disposal of the personality...directed by a clear Self-conscious mind.


You are encouraged to keep a daily JOURNAL.  Write in this ledger all answers and/or thoughts generated during the course of your studies and discussions.  Of particular usefulness are the many flashes or insights, however small they may seem at the time that occurs during the day or even during the dream state.  The usefulness of this daily journal cannot be overemphasized.


“May Light be extended upon you and success be yours

And May the Greater Light ever Illume the Path to your Destiny”






Some Distinctions Between the Soul and the Personality

This, perhaps, is the easiest of the distinctions to be listed, because soul and personality are one of the many "pairs of opposites." For the sake of clarity, the personality will be considered as it is prior to absorbing the influence of the soul; its qualities will thereby stand in bolder relief compared to soul qualities. It must be realized that the personality has its higher aspects as well as lower, and that after it has been trained by the soul, and submitted to what might be called 'soul-culture' for a significant period of time, it becomes what the Tibetan calls a "high grade personality," and has much of value to offer the soul and the world. The soul qualities listed will not be so much those of the soul on its own plane, but more of the soul as it manifests within the human kingdom.


Soul   Personality







The life


the form







The actor


The mask  ("persona")

The design


The expression

The idea


The ideal







Seeks nothing in return


Wants "payoffs" for self

The heart


The solar plexus




United to others


Separated from others







Identified with others


Identified with self

Group conscious









Spiritually innovative



Spiritually adaptive


Habit bound

Spiritually sighted


Spiritually blind




Free of time and space


Bound by time and space





Some Distinctions Between The Personality and the Mental Faculty

This is one of the more difficult distinctions, and a source of considerable confusion for those who attempt to discriminate between the different aspects of the human energy system.  The distinction, somewhat difficult in theory, is even more difficult in practice, because personality and mind so frequently function simultaneously. Mind and the personality are very closely related because mental polarization is the "sine qua non" of the integrated personality. Personality, we know, is generically associated with intelligence, just as soul is associated with love and magnetism.

Personality   Mind
Pervaded by the sense of "'I"; identity-centered   Functions without reference to the dimension of identity
Multidimensional (includes three lower bodies)   Unidimensional
"Triggers" emotions or ego defences   Functions more independently of the emotions
Subject to fear reaction according to its ray   Not in itself subject to fear
Self-referencing   Focused on the subject
Refers the meaning of data to the self   Refers to the data itself
Connected with personal self-image & body   More detached from “image” or body
Obscures menial functioning by self-interest & self-reference   Craves purely mental functioning
Distorts or uses answers for its own ends - good or bad   Seeks answers for their own sake
Subject to likes and dislikes as it protects its boundaries   Less influenced by likes and dislikes
Biased and partial   Essentially impartial
Revolves around its own center   Unhampered by a center around which it is constrained to revolve
Characterized by self-investment in all outcomes   Conclusions without the self invested
Emerges under stress of threat to personal status   Emerges when mental problem-to be solving
Emerges more when doing   Emerges more when sitting still, alone and learning
Wants permanence and to survive as a separate entity   Wants stimulation and activity
Has a strong social dimension; emerges most characteristically in the presence of others, or in the imagined presence of others (whether incarnate or disincarnate)   A-social; functions equally well, whether in the presence of others or not
The master; the superior   The servant; the subordinate
Instrumental in determining the vocation and life-direction   Subordinate in the determination of the vocation and life-direction


Some Distinctions Between the Mental Body and the Physical Brain

This is one of the most important and basic distinctions that can be made - and, perhaps the most difficult.  Modern science does not recognize a difference between mind and brain.  The materialistic bias of the scientific community is one reason for the present difficulty distinguishing the two, but there are other more important reasons.  Mind and brain work as a virtually inseparable unit.  While in physical incarnation, it is extremely rare (and, perhaps, even impossible) to engage in mental activity without some degree of brain activation.

The following list may ignore many important areas of mental or brain functioning, because it focuses only on areas, which are useful in differentiating one from the other.


Mind   Brain



Does not think

Instrument for generating thought


Registers and expresses thought on physical plane







Repository of ancient and recent personal memory


An instrument resonant with ancient racial memory through the heredity of the brain cells

Determines the content and quality of thought


Determines only the etheric-physical expression of thought

Stores innumerable thoughts which are not expressed through the physical brain


Does not store thoughts; can only receive and express thought on the physical plane from moment to moment

Responds directly to the will


Does not naturally respond directly to the will; the deliberate thought precedes the act

The organ with which leaning is deliberately accomplished


The organ that learns habit patterns on the physical plane.

The organ which learns


The organ which is conditioned by the learning

If mind is active, brain must be activated


Brain can be active without mind being activated

Does not regulate the processes of the body


Directly controls autonomic processes of the body

Functions on planes higher than the etheric-physical


Functions only on the etheric-physical plane

Can function free of sense perception


Imposes sense perception upon the mind (during waking hours)

Controls emotional response (largely positive to emotions)


Automatically responsive to emotions (negative to emotions)

Manipulates sensory input


Receives and transmits sensory input to mind

Essentially independent of physical rhythms


Regulator of physical rhythms


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